Kony 2012 is not all it seems

You can sure tell it’s an election year. And it is particularly weird having a black man as president of the US who has been phenomenally successful at fixing the train wreck caused by George W. Bush and the right wing. Like Wile E. Coyote always trying to set land mines, booby traps and dynamite in the path of Roadrunner, most of the GOP/right wing tricks come back to bite them where the sun don’t shine. I’ve come to expect cheating, lying, spreading fear and racism to do anything to win control of the country so their masters — the dark cabal — can continue raping the nation.

So when I heard about Krony 2012, flags went up. My first thought was too much money was poured into this slick video with an innocent little white boy superimposed as a backdrop to the ugly, black, monstrous looking Krony. Why not a little black boy from Uganda? I’ll leave that for you to answer.

And I was right to be suspect.

Turns out that long before Kony 2012 became an Internet sensation, the film’s director, Jason Russell, was a hit with the Religious Right and the broader evangelical community. Russell, the founder of Invisible Children, has been lavished with praise on Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network and on stage at Jerry Falwell’s university. Additionally, as Bruce Wilson has explored, Invisible Children has received substantial funding from extremely conservative Christian groups and foundations. You know, the same groups who support the GOP/right wing machine.

And it turns out, the viral video has been removed from some sites, so you will have to do a search for it. A good write-up on Kony 2012 and criticism of the video can be found here.

And it gets weird from there…

Invisible Children Founder and ‘Kony 2012’ Filmmaker Jason Russell Detained For Public Masturbation

There’s not enough information for me to decide if Krony 2012 is a distraction from Obama winning reelection and that Krony is a big, black boogieman to scare white America into associating Kony with our President. But putting together my intuition, insight into politics, the GOP shenanigans, racism in this country and what we now know, I think it is on target to raise the red flag on this issue.

We live in a time where truth will prevail. If you still operate from a place of ego, bigotry and not really knowing who you are, you will be easily deceived by flash, glitter, lies, hatred, fears…and money. You will also be easily discovered as a fraud yourself. Be like the hawk. Examine yourself with scrutiny as you examine everything else. Only then will you know which way to travel. Only then can you discern what is true and what is not.


2 thoughts on “Kony 2012 is not all it seems”

  1. But there is this: Obama was already on it.
    In fact, last year when the president committed troops to bring Kony to justice, Rush Limbaugh embarrassed himself by trying to paint it as a bad deal, Obama going after Kony, since Kony was such a good Christian (I blogged it here).

    I’m inclined to cut the kid some slack. Exposing Kony and getting people riled up about his grotesque record seems nothing but good to me. It it was intended to make Obama look scary, they didn’t do their research on what Obama was doing.

    How can we get this guy to do a film about South Sudan, Burma, Tibet, NIgeria, or a dozen other places where ire needs to be raised?

    1. Good points, Ed. With the latest “adventure” of running through the streets naked and CNN doing damage control on this man’s mental state, I don’t think he’ll be doing another film anytime soon.

      The rest of this scandalous story is that the war propagandist behind Kony 2012 is being used to push the militarization of Uganda’s 2 billion plus barrels of oil. This seems like the most likely motivation behind this story.

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