Feed the Bees, Feed the World

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Are you afraid of bees? I’m not. If I don’t see bees in summer and spring, I worry. My organic garden relies on bees pollinating the flowers and food in my yard. They are critical to our food supply. Without them we will be hungrier because there will be less food. We aren’t sure what causes colony collapse, but I’m sure pesticides contribute to it.

Plant mints: Peppermint. Oregano (great miticide), Thyme, Melissa. The bees will feast on these throughout the year, and they will get the added health benefits, too. They love clovers, calendulas, sunflowers, borage, milk thistle, mullein, and whitethorne. Don’t forget the dandelion!

Whether you have a garden or not, know that bees are our friends. Rubbing fresh Rosemary on the neck, arms, wrists and legs keeps bees and other bugs off of you while outdoors. I grow Rosemary around the yard. They are beautiful in pots, are perennials and look great all year long.

Enjoy this stunning video of humming birds, bees and butterflies. This is THE best video you will ever see, to date, on this subject. So close, you can actually see… well, you tell me. About the .40 seconds in is my favorite part so far but there are so many things to see. The ability of man to record and understand this stuff is just mind boggling. We owe it to these creatures to protect them.


5 thoughts on “Feed the Bees, Feed the World”

  1. Wonderful post — thanks! I have a few of these herbs growing down here in SFla, but I didn’t realize they helped bees. (ALSO didn’t know that bit about rosemary!) YAY bees! I’ll definitely be planting more — any bit my little space can do to help these hurting, but amazingly beneficial guys.

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