Obama’s speech at AP Luncheon (NOT to be missed) – 04.03.12

In his keynote address at the Associated Press Luncheon yesterday, President Obama denounced the House Republican Budget calling it a “Trojan Horse disguised as deficit reduction plan.”

The Republican budget plan, approved by the House last week last, cuts $5.3 trillion over the next ten years through deeps cuts in spending and entitlements benefits (because they are PAID FOR BY THE PEOPLE.

Obama calls the GOP budget ‘thinly veiled social Darwinism.’

The President has pretty much cinched the 2012 election. Listen to this speech and you will know why.

Don’t miss this great speech.

Full transcript of the speech


One thought on “Obama’s speech at AP Luncheon (NOT to be missed) – 04.03.12”

  1. A comment from an anti-Obama supporter has been removed. Please know that I am an Obama supporter and WILL NOT TOLERATE ignorant comments here. Listen to the speech, critique it and make your comments. But to bash the President with “he’s not American” and other right wing, racist talking points will not be tolerated. There are only two reasons you hate Obama: #1 – you are rich and know the GOP will protect you getting richer, or #2 – you are a racist and cannot deal with a black man as president. Get over it and get used to it.

    I can almost guarantee that anyone reading my blog is not rich. Why would you vote against the man who wants to protect America and the safety and security of Americans? I’m amazed that your hatred of blacks and other minorities is so DEEP that you would go against your own best interests, including your family. And many of you call yourselves Christians, spiritual and highly evolved. Sorry. Go back to the drawing board and try again. You failed.

    Anyone who posts a second IGNORANT comment after being deleted will be reported as spam!

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