Romney…the mask of a psychopath

Watching Romney give a commencement speech this morning and he’s looking more and more like Bush Jr. to me. His voice, mannerisms and that phony way of looking out at the audience like he cares about them. He doesn’t care and I can clearly see that.

Many are going to start seeing Romney as the bully they knew and despised in school. The bully who pulled girls’ hair, stuck their foot out to trip other kids, beat them up with a gang looking on, and terrorized the kids throughout the school year who were weaker than them and could not defend themselves.

I read where Romney let a blind teacher run into a closed glass door.

It has come out that Romney was not disciplined for his bullying. This signifies he was not loved at home. Parents who love their children discipline them to assimiliate into society as caring, contributing people. All the money in the Romney household could not buy real love for him. Children who are not loved learn to hate others and destroy. They require intense psychotherapy. The worst thing is for society to treat them as normal and allow them to lead others. Dangerous.

This is the worst type of psychopath as they age and get in leadership positions to control, use and abuse others. There are differences between a sociopath and psychopath. The main difference is that “the psychopath is callous, yet charming. He or she will con and manipulate others with charisma and intimidation and can effectively mimic feelings to present as “normal” to society. The psychopath is organized in their criminal thinking and behavior, and can maintain good emotional and physical control, displaying little to no emotional or autonomic arousal, even under situations that most would find threatening or horrifying. The psychopath is keenly aware that what he or she is doing is wrong, but does not care.”

We saw psychopaths in the Bush Administration that took us into wars they fabricated, watched Katrina victims suffer without acting quickly to rescue them, watched them break this nation economically and send us into a Depression, watched as they convinced us we needed to bail out Wall Street who got themselves into that mess and proved they really didn’t need a bail out, watch the GOP ruthlessly create laws across the nation to privatize and reduce benefits for citizens who badly need it at this time, watch as they continue to neglect the infrastructure as this nation crumbles and so on. And with no guilt or shame whatsoever, we watch as they obstruct this President who is trying to fix what they have broken.

We now have a psycophathic candidate who wants to be president. A vulture capitalist who ended jobs in order to capitalize on the corporation (Bain). A man who puts his wealth in no less than 8 offshore accounts to keep from reporting taxes. A man who pays little taxes on what he claims as income and refuses to disclose his latest tax returns until right before the election. A man who wants to make the 1% even wealthier than they are now, at the expense of 95% of us who are already struggling and suffering. And we would pay for this!! A man who takes credit for the auto industry bail out and success, while he is on record saying it was a bad idea to bail them out. A man who would strap his dog to the top of the car and ride for miles and miles while the dog vomits, craps on himself and runs away. A man who would laugh at this while his wife said on national TV, “the dog loved it.” A man who is a serial liar. Always has been, always will be.

This country is riddled with psychopaths at every level. It is exactly how a psychopath could rise to power. We need leaders who are mentally sane and care about the people. Leaders who can help this nation heal from the insanity around us.

The people of this country and the world would be destroyed if Romney governed this nation. He would finish the job of the previous psychotic Bush Administration. Please tell others to vote accordingly.

The Psychopath — the mask of sanity

Sociopathy vs. Psychopathy


Your thoughts?

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