I believe the Mormon religion is a cult, more so than other religions. Like the Catholic Church, they use they nonprofit status to amass wealth and control the masses. This is not what christianity should be and is downright immoral and evil.



It’s a religion with over 14 million members, worldwide. Six million Mormons and counting live in the United States. A religion whose members are a close knit community. A very secretive religion, their rituals are unknown to outsiders. A few years ago, a friend of mine was a bridesmaid in a Mormon wedding, but being a non-Mormon, she was unable to attend the wedding ceremony. Very furtive indeed.

1913 stained glass image of founder Joseph Smith

If you’re wondering how wealthy and powerful Mitt Romney and his Mormon followers are, simply look at what they are in charge of: Clear Channel Communications, (Rush Limbaugh’s boss!) The Boston Celtics, AMC, Burger King, Jet Blue Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Dunkin Donuts, Black & Decker, Toys R Us and Dominos Pizza to name a few. Bain Capital even owns the Weather Channel, so you can bet they’ll be minimizing any…

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