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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

As we know Barbara Hand Clow stopped writing her free monthly New Moon and Equinox/Solstice reports in December 2011. Recently I received a couple of emails from readers letting me know that Clow had a new astrological article up on her website. Here’s the first article from Clow about this very important, challenging and reality changing transit.


June 21, 2012

Welcome to the Truth: First Uranus/Pluto Square: June 24, 2012 

By Barbara Hand Clow

“This is the first of seven articles on the seven Uranus/Pluto squares—2012-2015—the time of the early stages of a great renaissance in our world. We are breaking through to another evolutionary level, a process that always involves great struggle very much like a baby bird breaking its shell. Some day, people will realize that our species experienced a great leap forward 2012-15, one that can be compared to the late medieval Renaissance 500 years ago. During the…

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