Add your thouI couldn’t have said it better. As it is, Obama has made great strides for the people IN SPITE OF near total obstruction from the opposition who made a pact on the night of his inauguration to block EVERYTHING he and his party brought forth. Everything. Got that? In my book I call that treason. Obama is not the enemy. We are.

There is a saying, “If you cannot trust, you cannot be trusted.” Listening to the same windbags gets the same gaseous, nauseous outcome…fear and going backwards.

The world I am going toward does not include guns, stockpiling against war and disaster and listening to the windbags sell their goods. I’m going where there are no more wars, the air is clean and people greet each other with a smile and love and see no differences in each other. 🙂

Karma Yoga Daily


Be Aware of the Former “Lightworkers” Who May Have Switched or Who Are Stuck…

Why do I post this? Just as a note that those of us who have come this far, are not going to give up their journey. This journey continually encourages us, requires us to release where we have just been, and move on, and up.

Yet there are those who, in my view, in my “getting”, have somehow got stuck in a place they have felt comfortable, and perhaps are not yet releasing that place and moving on and up to the next.

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