Add your thoughtsThe perfect Fourth of July side dish
The lemon, basil and olive oil will set this dish off!


It has been said that California cuisine isn’t so much about cooking as it is about shopping. In summertime, this rule applies just about everywhere. And while the original shopping-not-cooking comment was meant as an insult, I’ve found it to be a helpful framework on which to hang many a meal. Buy the best ingredients, subject them to just the right combination of salt, lemon, and olive oil, and it’s hard to go wrong.

This approach describes my favorite summer salad to a T. If you’re going to a potluck this Fourth of July, I promise it will be a hit. But only if the corn is super fresh, as in picked-two-days-ago fresh.

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  1. I put together leftovers the other day that turned out to be delish….It ended up being a cold salad of chicken, potato, green beans and cherry tomatoes with your balsamic dressing. I munched on that for days. Yum!

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