White House Daily Snapshot
POTUS is tearing it up on the campaign trail. Excellent speeches wherever he goes. The crowds absolutely LOVE HIM. So glad he is laying out his accomplishments in terms the people can understand…and they are great and plenty. This picture with the baby is priceless.
182 of President Obama’s Accomplishments
http://pleasecutthecrap.typepad.com/main/what-has-obama-done-since-january-20-2009.html Updated, with each accomplishment numbered, cited.

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.







The White House



Your Daily Snapshot for
Friday, July 6, 2012



Peek Behind the Scenes of President Obama’s Week


This week, the President traveled to Colorado Springs to survey fire damage and honor responders. He also celebrated Independence Day with a naturalization ceremony at the White House and a picnic for military families on the South Lawn.



Make sure you check out the video:



West Wing Week




In Case You Missed It


Here is a top story from the White House blog:


The Employment Situation in June
With today’s report that private establishments added 84,000 jobs last month, the economy has now added private sector jobs for 28 straight months, for a total of 4.4 million payroll jobs during that period. Employment is growing but not fast enough, given the jobs deficit…

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