What If…should be read by everyone!

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.







All this political garbage has me all frustrated and stressed out, so lets play a game. No…NOT Global Thermonuclear War. My game is called “What If….


Shall We Play??






What If….President Obama decided to only release 1 year of his tax returns and he decided to release them after the Democratic National Convention? What if he told the media and the RepubliCANTS he would not be releasing those tax returns until he was good and ready? What would be the results of that? What If……President Obama had offshore bank accounts with cash safely stored in these accounts? Swiss bank accounts? Cayman Island bank accounts, offshore investment accounts? What would Sean Hannity or the short skirted, no bar wearing bleach blonde bimbos on Faux Spews say about that?



What If…..First Lady Michelle Obama

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