Lies, all lies
Thousands of years of hate and greed have empowered the GOP in this nation. Sheer evil no longer needs to hide their intentions. Yet, we haven’t yet seen the full blown extent of their evil. This is only about 1/10th of 1% we are seeing today. We’ve got work to do.

Bell Book Candle

Mitt Romney and the leaders of the GOP are lying 24/7. All lies all the time. It is going far beyond the usual electioneering distortion.  Rather than bothering to respond, Democratic candidates can just deny whatever the GOP say unless they can prove what they say. In other words, they are guilty until proven innocent. A reversal of American principle, but true to life at this time.

What truly worries me is that we might elect Mitt and a Congressional majority of  Republicans. Their lies won’t stop at our borders and on election day. What will foreign leaders think of our new leaders, if we elect Mitt and company? They will be unwilling to trust the leadership of the US to tell them the truth.

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