From Steve Beckow 7-23-12…”First the Dark Attacks the President. Now Lightworkers”… (and My Comments on Those Comments)

Traditionally the President’s detractors have taken what the cabal has done and laid it at the feet of those they wish to bring down. The dark did it and now lightworkers are doing it. And we are being as uncritical in our acceptance of the allegations as any darkworkers have been.

For instance, on the issue of not being born in America, notice that the topmost cabalist in America, in my eyes – George Bush Sr. – was not born in America. The cabal points a finger at Obama but nowhere do you hear a hue and cry that Bush Sr. was German-born, or that John McCain was born in Panama (if one wants to be legalistic).

The cabal hurls these charges at others. At no time do they apply the same principles to themselves.

Being born outside the country isn’t the issue. The issue is simply to bring down Obama.

Americans and Russians used these propaganda techniques against each other in the Cold War, which sociologists called the “mirror effect.” Mirror back your opponent’s charges to him. What they say of you, say of them.

The same with all the charges hurled against Obama in this latest lightworker article. Barack Obama did not “grease the wheel” for an economic collapse. In fact if the truth be told, the opposition to President Obama has been so complete and overwhelming that he hasn’t really been able to get much of anything done. He’s been met since his election by a solid wall of allegations and rhetoric from all cabal members – Republican and Democrat – as soon as they saw they could not control him.

And we as lightworkers having seen there is smoke assumed there was fire. Please don’t be drawn into the well-ramified opposition to the President that stems from the dark and has persuaded so many lightworkers to abandon the President. Just a short time now before they’re gone and Obama will stand forth in his true character. I personally want to be able to say of myself at that time that I stood by him through the whole sorry assault on his character. You’re certainly welcome to join me.

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Well, I just ran across this article by Steve. This is mainly in response to this article on AMN (Drake’s site).

Now, first off, according to the AMN webpage, although Drake posted this, the author was one Douglas (Doug) Hagmann. I did a small amount of internet checking, and found a few articles about, by, for him. Also, here is a link to an Alex Jones show (May 9, 2012) on YouTube with Mr. Hagmann, who appears in the second half of the show. He appears to be somewhat similar to Alex Jones, an exposer of wrongs, and so forth. Until today, I had not heard of him.

Now as far as Drake is concerned (and all of these “workers” who have appeared on our scenes recently), I like to “take the best, and leave the rest”. There is more to Drake’s site and his shows than “Obama…

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