Because it needs to be said again and again and again…

This masterpiece was written by my dear friend, Tom Robinson. The images after the article are disturbing and are a reminder of what many of today’s racists would like to take us back to. The hate in the air today is thick, fueled by the greed of the GOP / Republicans / Tea Party who use the hate and ignorance of their base to achieve their agenda for the 1% rich and corporations WHO CARE NOT A WHIT ABOUT THEIR RACIST BASE. In fact, the GOP policies to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all social programs that were implemented years ago by FDR to keep Americans out of poverty are the same safety nets the GOP base needs…as do all Americans. In other words, they vote against their own interests out of ignorance and hate.

Today, we have one of the most humane, compassionate, wise, capable leaders this country has ever had who is fighting against almost 100% opposition from the 1% to help 99% of the people of this nation. The vast fortunes these 1% have are being poured into propaganda machines like Fox News, right wing politicians, pundits like Rush Limbaugh in a relentless bombardment to fuel the hate and lie to these people who listen to them. These people have no idea what the truth is. All they know is “We want our country back” and “get the black man out of the White House!” I hope this article goes viral as it is a powerful teaching lesson for America, and what is at the core of the rot that prevents this nation from moving forward. ~ Marion

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( Because it needs to be said again and again and again )
by Tom Robinson

( Please understand that when I say ‘you’, I am not talking about everyone, but the one’s that I am talking about, know who they are.)

You can not snatch a person from their home, take them to a strange place, sell them like cattle, strip them naked literally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, rob them of their language and culture (the very things that make them who they are), deny them an education and the bonds of family for 350 years and 100 years of Jim Crow, ( then expect them to be (“well-adjusted or healed” ) after only 48 years of (not so) ‘equal rights’.

The fact that there has been unprecedented Black achievement in America is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and resilience of a magnificent people. ~ Karen Stephens

Yes, in spite of not only throwing the kitchen sink at us, and all the appliances too, and putting every conceivable obstacle possible in our path and creating laws that only apply to us, so that we can be easily convicted and warehoused, and denying us a proper education with which we cannot get proper employment and treating us with disgust and disdain; for the last 450 years, ( still we rise…) And that is what burns your ass to the point that you have ( bought and paid for ) lawmakers; to re-double their efforts to strip away laws that were meant to help us and provide opportunities, and creating shams to prevent us from voting.

Yes, yes, yes, we understand that you think that everything is our fault; that if it wasn’t for us, your jobs would not have been out sourced or you wouldn’t have lost your homes and the economy would be better, and gas prices would be lower, and your savings wouldn’t have been wiped out. We understand that you’ve convinced yourself that we have international connections with multi national drug cartels, Customs and other law enforcement officials and the banking industry and are able to wash billions of dollars in drug money and have those same drugs shipped into the country, and then funneled into our communities where they have caused generations of devastation and havoc, and you blame us for broken homes due to systemic high black unemployment, and a lop-sided educational, judicial and justice system. And our children’s bright futures, have been dimmed, because we are lazy.

And oh, yeah, lets talk about the guns too. You know the one’s that are readily available and sold in this country; and protected by 2nd. amendment rights and the NRA and our corrupt politicians. Sure, you remember that, the guns that any sick lunatic can walk into any gun store and purchase, because some people are so fearful that some one is going to come and take them away, so they stockpile them as if their was going to be an apocalyptic invasion from another planet, or maybe a race war, that Fox News keeps warning you about.

Yes we know; that you think that it is all our fault, as well. And you’ve managed to convince a good portion of Americans too. You’ve convinced them to continuously vote against their own economic interests and excoriate programs that also help them; for fear that they would have to share something with us; and they have and they still do??? How else can you explain the Tea Party? ( Man, talk about selfishness to the extreme.)

But guess what? The world has been watching you; and some of those Americans are beginning to wake up, and they are sick and tired of having a national identity and description in the world, that Americans are motivated by hate…

We understand that you refuse to take any responsibility for situations that you created or have allowed to happen right under your nose; because of greed, blatant racism and willful ignorance. We understand that you suffer from the psychosis of privilege and are so blinded by hatred that you don’t realize ( or won’t accept ) that you are getting played too. You refuse to admit to yourself that the views we are forced to peruse are the exact same one’s that light your vista’s too, because you have someone else to blame, right? Well, just let me ask; how is that working out for you?

You cannot hold a man down without staying down there with him.

The only difference between us, and you is that you volunteer to stay down there with us and you do it to protect the rich and the powerful, who tell you that if you just keep believing their bullshit, then scraps from their table will trickle down to you too. And they continue to demonstrate; time and again, that they don’t give a rat’s ass about you, your jobs, your children’s future, your homes, your outsourced jobs, your college loans or your families’ health or well-being in general. But all of your problems are our fault; right?

Oh, did I forgot to mention that they really don’t care about your husbands, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters, ( some raped ) that they send off to wars for corporate profits who come home bruised and broken, spiritually, emotionally and otherwise. Only to be denied benefits and discharged from the military because of a personality disorder.

When will you get it; that we are all Americans and if this country is going to live up to it’s potential and ideals, we are going to have to start to embrace our differences and stop letting hate cloud our judgement.

Tom Robinson ~

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The KKK used to hide under hoods. In 2012, they are now out in the open, thanks to Fox News, the Tea Party, Paul Ryan and other right wing politicians, and Rush Limbaugh
Duluth MN lynching – June 15, 1920 – Six black circus workers were accused of raping a white teenage girl. It was later discovered the girl was not raped or assaulted. No one was held accountable for the lynchings.
The nation was horrified by the kidnapping and brutal murder of 14 year old Emmett Till in 1955 who had whistled at a white woman. His face was bashed in so bad, he was unrecognizable. His mother authorized an open casket so the world could see what was done to her son. Blacks today have never forgotten the past from slavery, through Jim Crow, the lynchings and the current racism today. We see the current Republican Party/GOP/Tea Party and racists of these groups as dangerous to all blacks, minorities, gays and groups they target their hatred on.
From 1889 through the 1960s, lynching of blacks was common practice. In 1932, FDR passed a law against lynchings, but it didn’t stop there. Even after the passing of the Civil Rights Act (1964) through the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lynchings continued in the Deep South. Today in 2012, since white racists, police and militia groups cannot lynch, they kill blacks outright with guns. And our prisons are filled disproportionately with blacks due to an unfair judicial system.
Lynchings were common in the Deep South of Georgia, the Carolinas, Mississippi, Kentucky and, in particular, Florida after the emancipation of slaves. This was the cotton belt of the South where slaves built rich fortunes for whites with no compensation. It is no surprise that we see high injustices toward blacks, shootings like Trayvon Martin, and whites getting away with murder there.
This image from taken probably in the 1940s or 1950s. Change a few things and it is reminiscent of today’s Tea Party and their hate-filled signs and slogans. Click on the picture to see what the signs look like today.
Many town lynchings were accompanied by the town looking on enjoying the lynchings as if it were high entertainment. As Walter White said, former NAACP member who investigated 41 lynchings and 8 race riots in the early 1900s, “…, all of the lynchings and seven of the riots occurred in rural or semi-rural communities. The towns ranged in population from around one hundred
to ten thousand or so. The lynchings were not difficult to inquire into because of the fact already noted that those who perpetrated them were in nearly every instance simple-minded and easily fooled individuals.”

When will you get it; that we are all Americans and if this country is going to live up to it’s potential and ideals, we are going to have to start to embrace our differences and stop letting hate cloud our judgement. ~ Tom Robinson, author of this article

If we don’t learn from the past, we’re doomed to repeat it.”
~ Unknown



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