Today’s energies for 08.14.12

Reblogged from The Oracle Report

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sun – Leo
Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

Today’s energy brings in 1) the dynamics of control in all its forms, and 2) the tendency toward obsession. Some people will demonstrate their perceived personal mastery in an attempt to control situations. People who try to show off, impress, or dominate are going to fall head first (but not necessarily today).

Wise owls that follow these reports have no interest in the need to control. The only thing we want to master is our alignment with the Divine Will of the Universe. In this way, our lives are no longer our own. We surrender to the magic of the goddess’ dreaming. The power and control plays that are enacted today will only drive us off our mission this Balsamic Moon phase if we become mired in them.

Right now we are supposed to be releasing the past and what has changed for us. It is a time of quiet acceptance. It is a time to communicate with the planet herself. Remember that the planet is “correcting” not only us but also herself. This may help as we strive toward acceptance today.

Walk with humility, keep your intentions pure, and be aware that new structures are forming around you. This is needed to counter the predominant negative effects that are present today. It is our job to maintain the integrity, beauty, and spiritual softness of this most blessed Balsamic Moon phase.

~ o ~


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