Today’s energies for 08.15.12

Reblogged from The Oracle Report

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sun – Leo
Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer/Leo

Today’s energy shows us an imbalance – a place where we may have put something on hold in favor of something else.  In addition, the astrological aspects that marked yesterday’s energy (Venus opposing Pluto and Mars conjunct Saturn) are still in effect, with control dynamics and obsessiveness in the mix.  Although the Sun is relatively quiet, today’s energy works heavily on the physical body, so you may be aware of some aches or pains.

It is important to take care of your body today; stretch and take a walk if possible.  This energy seeks to balance the burden this past month took on our emotional bodies.  As everything changes form around us (the lingering effect of the past month of intense cardinal energy), we need to work on our own forms.

Our own structure need strengthening.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking the physical body is inferior to the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  We are grounded to the planet through our physical bodies.  The “upgrade” of the last month affected us on all levels.  Today, as we continue through the quiet, dreamy, mystical Balsamic phase, we are focused on shifting forms.

~ o ~


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