Today’s energies for 08.16.12

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sun – Leo
Balsamic Moon Phase – Moon in Leo

Today’s energy is more complex than one would hope for the last day of a Balsamic phase (New Moon starts tomorrow).  This is going to require us to be proficient at shape-shifting, like a butterfly.  The day will evolve in stages for us.  There’s a wild and unpredictable quality also, as Venus squares Uranus.  Here are the things that are happening, any of which you may experience today:

  • You may feel like you still have a little ways to go on an already arduous journey.  The key to this is endurance. Self-sufficiency and mental self-control are needed.  Rely on yourself, not others in situations that prove taxing.  Try to extend your resources (in other words, don’t get too emotional about any one thing; keep some energy in reserve and pace yourself).
  • If faced with a choice or problem, the best solution is a combination of past and future.  Bring the best of past situations forward.  You don’t have to disregard everything about something just because the end result didn’t work out.
  • If you struggle with maintaining focus today, follow where you attention is leading you.  Something may pique your curiosity or seem mesmerizing/alluring.  This situation is happening to widen your perception.
  • The most important one:  The upcoming month is about re-formation and self-care.  Events unfolded last month to change the form, shape, and structure of relationships, situations, and circumstances.  Now these things will shape shift into new forms.  This is nothing less than the alchemy of Gaia/Sophia.  If you are a skilled, shape-shifting wise owl, you will try to attach to the FUN of participating in the shape-shift – watching things transform – instead of attaching to the FEAR of unknown outcomes.  We are on a journey where the sights change – a grand voyage.  Can you shift with the shift?  Can you do so gracefully?

This is the best I can do with today’s report.  The nature of the energy is changeable, making analysis only semi-accurate, since the final forms are in process.  Engage your inner shaman and be the butterfly.

~ o ~



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