Assange vs America – Round 2: FIGHT!

Who is selling out who?


Food for thought?
A little background on Julian Assange: Julian Assange is the founder of the notorious “WikiLeaks” website. WikiLeaks publishes political cables and leaked documents (Whistleblowers), the stuff that your governments and corporations do not want you to see. There is no fee for viewing these documents as everything published on WikiLeaks is free to view. The American administration has been feverishly trying to silence WikiLeaks activities by persecuting their founder Julian Assange on trumped up charges in an attempt to eventually bring him State-Side for trial. It has been a long battle between the Americans and Assange which reached it’s peak this morning when Assange was granted political asylum by Ecuador after being holed up in their embassy for quite some time.

Julian Assange was today granted asylum by Ecuador. British police attempted to raid Ecuador’s embassy and take Assange by force before the asylum request was granted.

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