This Election is ALL About R.A.C.E.
Obamacrat: “I have listened with a slight smile on my face, to many tell me “it’s not about his skin color or his race… it’s his policies I don’t like”. Bull shit.”

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.






This is the second election for President Of The United States between a Black candidate & a caucasian candidate in 57 quadrennial United States Presidential elections. This is the first one that is driven & based on race/racism.


The very first election featuring Barack Hussein Obama was not about race/racism but more about change from  failed policies by a failed President/Vice President in George Dubbya Bush/Dick Cheney. Racist caucasian Americans and their handful of house nigger minded, misguided, ignorant, Black Americans didn’t see Barack Hussein Obama coming. His campaign blindsided the Americanracist. They didn’t take Barack Hussein Obama’s chances of actually BEING President, very seriously.


From the very second he was announced, by a shocked media, as the winner of the 2008 general election for President Of The United States, he has been treated with the exact same respect…

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