Top 5 Reasons Why Medicare Voucher Reform Is Stupid
Tea Party Slayer swung another home run with this post. The ONLY reason Ryan/Romney want to kill Obamacare and privatize Medicare is to gamble with that money. They are ITCHING to get their hands on money citizens have paid for with their hard work. Disgraceful, immoral and criminal.

Tea Party Slayer

# 5. Seniors Already Have Choices:

Although Medicare is often regarded as a monolithic system, it’s actually already evolved into the type of competitive system that voucher advocates say they want. Seniors have choices about what sort of health-care coverage they desire. Medicare enrollees today may choose from an average of 24 plans, including 10 health maintenance organizations, in addition to traditional Medicare.


#4. Spending Measures Have Already Been Taken That Will Help Seniors:

Significant measures have already been taken to reduce the future growth of Medicare spending. Under Obamacare, the formula that governs payments to health-care providers was changed to reduce outlays significantly—about five hundred billion dollars over ten years. Their impact will be very noticeable to the benefit of seniors. Using numbers from the Congressional Budget Office, Medicare premiums, currently estimated to be 11 percent lower than private insurance premiums for the same benefit package, will be about 30 percent lower by the end of the next decade. Ironically…

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