Today’s energies for 08.2012

Reblogged from The Oracle Report

Saturday, August 20, 2012

Sun – Leo
Crescent Moon Phase – Moon in Libra

Something is going to form (re-form) or come together today.  To facilitate this, strength of will and character is needed.  We tend to want to feel in control of ourselves and our environment, and this mix of energy is what will alchemize something for useable reality.  A degree of flexibility is required to keep the form malleable, as in an openness or willingness to extend ourselves to others.  Some people will respond to this energy through aggression or being overbearing or feeling that they are better than others.

There is an element of competition to this that should not be acted upon.  Everyone’s creations are unique.  For those who are still coming out of the dark, the energy is trying to help you let go of the situation.  Don’t persist with problems that have been solved.

~ o ~


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