The Republican Strategy – 09.09.12

by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

If you’ve been paying attention and listening closely, the Republican argument for why we should vote for Mitt Romney is… RECOVERY HAS NOT BEEN FAST ENOUGH! This is what it all boils down to. They really and truly have NOTHING else! What would they do differently? Well, that’s a secret! Like Mitt’s taxes, Dick Cheney during the 911 attacks, Mitt’s plan is carefully hidden in some “non-disclosed” location. We’re supposed to trust him! Why on earth anyone would do such a foolish thing, I have no idea. Nevertheless, that is all they’re giving you with regard to any plans.

Everybody agrees that when President Obama took office, we were facing an economic Armageddon. Pundits were tossing around the word “Depression” as though it were an inevitability. The only question was, would it be as bad or worse than the “Great Depression?” Our manufacturing industries were on the brink of collapse. The housing bubble had burst and pundits were prophesying that “we hadn’t seen nothing yet!” Republican shills were getting rich by peddling Gold Investments. Lear Financial made a bundle of money off of fools buying Gold when it was/is at record highs, telling them not to worry, it’s going to go even higher! The message to their followers was simple: The sky is falling and you’re under it!

We were in two shooting wars. Wall Street was crumbling, people were losing their shirts in their investments, IRAs and pension funds. People were losing their jobs and their homes. Big Banking Houses were going under. If America were a Ship, it would be named the Titanic. George – Edward Smith – Bush had just climbed into the last lifeboat and handed over the office of Captain to the Black guy. They were taking the money and running and counting on the ensuing chaos to cover their tracks. It was a perfect plan! The Black guy would take the fall and they’d get away clean!

What they never counted on was, this Black guy had a brain! He got to work and began fixing the problems one by one. He saved our automotive industry. We were hemorrhaging over 700,000 jobs a month. We are now adding 10’s of thousands of jobs a month. President Obama saved Wall Street. He put the brakes on the plummeting housing market. Contrary to predictions, foreclosures are down. He turned the tide of the cost for college tuition. He signed into law equal pay protections for women. The chaos they’d envisioned that would cover their tracks has not happened. I suspect there are people who are terrified that we might actually get around to looking into where all that money went.

President Obama has already brought one war to a close and is winding down the other. Osama Bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive! He *CUT* taxes on the middle class. Women now are economically protected in the work place. We’re safer, more profitable and more stable. Remember all of this has been done with ZERO Republican support! Imagine where we’d be if the Republicans had acted like grownups? Imagine what our stock market would look like if the Republicans had actually put country first instead of causing our credit rating to be downgraded. Here’s what I know about debt. You cannot pay it down if you decrease your income stream. When the full faith and credit of the United States is downgraded, paying down our debt just got harder.

Are we where we want to be? HELL 2 THE NO! However we’re making forward progress. Are we moving as fast as we’d like? HELL 2 THE NO! However, let’s call it like it is. The Republicans have been fighting to block and stop progress every step of the way. So when they say, President Obama hasn’t turned things around fast enough… make a note of which party has been stomping on the brakes. Don’t forget and don’t forget to vote in November!



2 thoughts on “The Republican Strategy – 09.09.12”

  1. Sadly the American electorate wants instant-results as if politics and economics were f***ing fast-food joints.
    The rationalist in me hopes that President Obama gets a 2nd term and the Republicans take a long and hard look at themselves and rebuild their party which has been taken over by extremists.
    The pessimist in me however fears the worst, Republicans back in office around this time will result in World War III breaking out over Iran & Israel like Germany & Poland did for World War II.

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