by Benjamin T. Moore, Jr.

It is high time we started calling it what it is and calling them what they are! The words you’re looking for are TREASON and TRAITORS. Think I’m being a bit strong? I could make the case that they are murderers. For too long now we have sat silent pretending that these people would come to their senses and behave like grownups. Let me refresh your memory if you’ve forgotten? Remember how upset and disappointed progressives were with President Obama? Remember all the blogs taking him to task for not being tough enough? Combative enough?

There were Progressive Pundits with their hair on fire because he withdrew the “Public Option” from the Affordable Care Act – ObamaCare – because he knew the Republicans would never go for it. They were upset because he included what turned out to nearly be the – the Republican authored – “Trojan Horse” of the mandatory coverage clause. This idea was lifted lock, stock and two smoking barrels from Mitt Romney’s plan. Even though President Obama allowed the Republicans to shape the “Health Care Bill” to their liking, did even one of them vote for it? NO! It was the Democrats who passed it through both House and Senate. Immediately after it’s passage, Republican Governors filed legal actions that made it all the way to the Supreme Court. What was their issue? The Mandatory Coverage clause. If Chief Justice John Roberts hadn’t grown a “pair,” and become the swing vote – something no one saw coming – the Affordable Care Act would have been – DOA – Dead On Arrival.

Early into his Presidency, President Obama accepted an invitation to answer questions at the Republican Caucus. They had the cameras all set up and were laying for him. They were going to give him a slap down and have it all on tape. President Obama walked into their “Lion’s Den” and abused them so bad, made them look so foolish that they said they’d never have him back again! They must have realized what they were saying and quickly amended that to, “we’ll never have him back with cameras rolling.”

Time and again President Obama reached out to the Republicans showing a willingness to put EVERYTHING on the table. Saying this upset his base is putting it mildly. We sat and watched Republicans offer suggestions and the moment President Obama said, “okay we’ll do it your way,” they withdrew their own suggestions or voted against them.

Who was this hurting? REALLY??? Think about this for a minute. If President Obama does nothing, he’s got a job and a place to live. He’s not as wealthy as some, but he need never work another day in his life if he chooses not to. He’s got Secret Service protection for the rest of his life. He’s got a ready made career writing books and doing the lecture circuit. He and his family will be just fine. I’ll tell you whom the Republicans have been hurting, it’s YOU and ME and the rest of the American people. Let’s look at a few of the things the Republicans have done:

RECORD of GOP Obstructionism (courtesy of The Gavel – posted by “Leader’s Press Shop”)

“Spring 2011: Brought Us to Brink of Government Shutdown. The first thing House GOP did was try to use a must-pass funding bill to impose their ideological agenda, including no funding for Planned Parenthood, Title X, and implementing health reform. Due to GOP intransigence, the government came within hours of shutting down.

Summer 2011: Brought Us to Brink of Default. For the first time in U.S. history, the House GOP spent months playing brinkmanship on raising the debt limit – with the final deal signed within hours of default. As a result, for the first time in history, the U.S. credit rating was downgraded by S&P. During those months, job creation nearly came to a halt, consumer confidence plummeted, and economic growth dramatically slowed.

Summer 2011: Threw Construction Workers Out of Work. By adding poison pills to a FAA extension bill, the House GOP’s actions led to a 13-day partial FAA shutdown, which halted hundreds of airport construction projects, leading to the furlough of tens of thousands of construction workers.

Fall 2011: Held Up Disaster Relief. The House GOP started claiming emergency disaster relief had to be offset. They held up disaster relief by passing a bill offsetting certain relief with a $1.5 billion cut in the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program, which would have cost 10,000 good-paying American jobs.

Fall-Winter 2011: For Months Threatened A Middle-Class Payroll Tax Increase. In September, the President proposed an extension of the payroll tax cut. For months, the House GOP then left middle class families uncertain whether their taxes would rise on January 1, refusing to act. On December 13, they passed a bill full of poison pills unacceptable to Senate. On December 20, House GOP irresponsibly left town, refusing to pass a Senate-passed two-month extension, with taxes about to go up. In face of criticism, Speaker Boehner passed Senate bill by UC.

Throughout 2012: Have Blocked Most of American Jobs Act. While a few pieces of American Jobs Act (such as the payroll tax cut extension) have been enacted, the House GOP is still blocking most of the provisions, including new tax cuts for small businesses; getting teachers, police officers and firefighters back on the job; and jumpstarting critical infrastructure projects. These provisions would create more than one million jobs.

March-June 2012: Delayed Bipartisan Transportation Bill for Months, Hurting Economy. More than three months ago, the Senate passed a bipartisan, two-year transportation bill, by a bipartisan vote of 74 to 22. House Republicans wasted 10 weeks trying and failing to pass a partisan bill, and then sent a three-month extension, full of poison pills, to conference. The final conference report this week should have been done months ago.

March-June 2012: Caused Unnecessary Uncertainty for College Students for Months. Democrats have fought to block doubling of student loan rates on July 1 all year. The House GOP budget called for the doubling to proceed. Suddenly, in late April, House Republicans reversed their position and passed a student loan bill but paid for it by eliminating Prevention Fund. The student loan agreement this week should have been done months ago.

April-June 2012: Have Obstructed Bipartisan Senate-Passed Violence Against Women Act Bill. VAWA has always been bipartisan. In April, the Senate passed a bipartisan VAWA reauthorization by vote of 68 to 31. In sharp contrast, the House GOP passed a highly partisan bill, weakening protections. VAWA expires in September.

May-June 2012: Are Holding Middle Class Tax Cuts Hostage to Tax Breaks for Millionaires. Since May, Democrats have been calling for quick action to extend tax cuts for the middle class – giving the middle class the certainty that their taxes won’t go up on January 1, 2013. But Republicans are holding middle class tax cuts hostage, insisting they be tied to more tax cuts for millionaires.”

Who needs Osama Bin Laden? We’ve got Republicans! They are treasonous traitors who are working to destroy the American economy. What Osama Bin Laden could not do by killing thousands, the Republicans have been busily engaged in under the cover of political gamesmanship. We need to REMEMBER! We need to VOTE!




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