This is the October Surprise (in September) that many feared the GOP would pull. Nothing can convince me they did not instigate this whole fiasco. Today almost the entire Middle East is enraged and protesting. Romney and Israel have their hands all over it. The Obamacrat lays out my suspicions well.
What is the October Surprise?

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.





I am not usually a conspiracy theorists but I find it very odd, strange and just too damn coincidental that an anti-Muslim, 5th grade, home made movie, connected to the racist Qur’an burning “minister” from bumfuck Florida, Terry Jones, surfaces on the internet and is released into the Muslim community just as POTUS Obama has a lead over Lyin UnFitt Mitt Romney.


The danger that this “movie” puts American diplomats and diplomatic employees in,  that are working in U.S. Embassy‘s all over the globe, is unacceptable. Any & All Americans connected with the making & release of this “movie” should be rounded up & charged with treason for putting American lives in direct danger all across the planet.


I am not naive, money makes people do very strange things. If a person spends $100 million dollars to win an…

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