As the US Presidential election nears, I am posting more and more information about this to expose the lies of the GOP and the accomplishments of President Obama. Many thanks to my dear friend the Obamacrat for his dedication to this work. When Romney said he doesn’t care about the 47% who will vote for Obama, he most likely meant YOU. This includes himself as well since he pays far less taxes than any of us, yet is worth more than a quarter of a million dollars (that we know of) and doesn’t pay anything on the money he hides in offshore accounts that he refuses to show us. Why anyone would vote for a lying, greedy, corporate vulture who kills jobs here, moves them overseas and takes government money, yet refuses to help the other 47% is sheer evil. This is the face of the GOP who works for the elites, not us.

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.





The Rich, Imbecilic, Hateful Republican Buffoons Who Finance Romney’s Campaign


Published on Sep 20, 2012 by politicalarticles

Lord Romney’s 47%: The Poor, Retirees & Military Personnel – A Feckless Bunch of ‘Redistributionist’ Freeloaders!:…





When we refer to someone having “class”, it doesn’t mean how much money one has. It means how we treat others. Life is short, like the blink of the eye. It is sad that some believe that money solves all problems. To lie, to steal, and to bare false witness is not a sign of a person with any class. The 47% that Mitt refers to are sons and daugthers of soliders that have defended this country, and why we have free enterprise. Most of Mitts followers are draft dodgers, like him. They have no class.




Reid: Whose Taxes Would Romney…

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