What a week it was! Romney couldn’t do anything right, including finding the right shade for his fake tan to entice Latinos to vote for him. This train wreck is speeding along. Many thanks to The Obamacrat for this great report of the past disastrous week. Apparently almost everyone is waking up…except the racists and 1% who Romney works for.

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.





Romney’s Sorry Sunday


Published on Sep 23, 2012 by DemRapidResponse

DNC Video: Romney’s Sorry Sunday

Check out the rest of Mitt Romney‘s “Worst Week in Washington” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr65xu46xh8






Love The Fetus, Hate The Child.

Love The Soldier, Hate The Vet.

Love America, Hate Americans.

Love Theocracy, Hate Democracy

Love the business, hate the worker

Fight back, VOTE!


Romney had a tough week, but Obama supporters can’t let up. We must continue to work hard to get out the vote for Obama. Keep working!


This ain’t over until the would-be Queen Ann has to stand next to her lying sack-o-shit husband while he congratulates President Obama, and that treasonous fuck Boehner is crying in his triple bourbon.

The only path forward for our nation is the UTTER DESTRUCTION

of this Republican Party

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