Great message and one I will take to heart!

Tracie Louise Photography

A few months ago when we thought that we would be moving home, and the house was on the market…. I did the natural thing, and had a good clean out.  Since hubby and I have moved quite a bit during our marriage, this was nothing new, and to be honest I like a good clean out…. it’s very cathartic to me.

But this time I was particularly brutal.

I donated car load after car load of things to the op shop (good will).  Hubby wanted to hold a garage sale, but that just isn’t my style.   Things that I had lugged across the country, and then lugged all over the state, I got rid of.  Things that were of great sentimental and emotional value to me.. GONE.

You see…. I realised something.  Things are just things.

The thing that made the objects valuable to me, still very much…

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