I’ve got Obama’s back. Great post, Mr. Baker!

The Militant Negro™


By Jueseppi B.





This is not the first time I’ve found the MSNBC “experts/pundits” to be fools and bad at their craft:


I’ll use Mr. Tea Party Slayer‘s comments since they mirror exactly what I feel about the debates….as I stated in this post, 50 people watched this and got 50 different outcomes…..Mr. Slayer said: “I am in absolute shock. I had a deadline to meet for a client, so I was working on that this evening. Therefore, I was unable to watch the debate live. I turn on MSNBC about 11:30 pm to see the pundits indicating the debate was a disaster.


I just finished watching the debate in its entirety expecting to see a frozen, lifeless, incoherent President Obama based on the horrible MSNBC reviews. Instead I witness an excellent performance by Obama, clearly confronting and defining the differences between…

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