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I have to say, I am getting tired of this post-debate debate that is playing out within the Democratic party.

On one side, we have the media pundits who, immediately after the end of the first Obama/Romney debate, set upon the president’s performance like vultures on roadkill. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was the most vocal of these commentators, delivering an impassioned takedown of Obama’s debating style that came scarily close to a psychotic episode:

On the other side are the apologists, who have been alternating between spin (Obama campaign spokesman, David Axelrod commented  after the debate, ““The president was talking to the American people about some of these fundamental issues. As I said, treating the American people as adults.”) and excuses (Bob Woodward said the president was too “distracted” to be aggressive against Romney, and Al Gore blamed Obama’s problems on the altitude in Denver).

Some say Obama…

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