Anyone who saw Paul Ryan’s smug face after spewing lie after lie at the RNC in Tampa probably felt the same revulsion in the pit of their stomach as I did. The thunderous applause from a crowd that greatly resembled the Third Reich was truly disconcerting. This blatant plutocrat is as honest with the American people as Dick Cheney was in getting us into Iraq.

Vice President Biden is a genuinely good guy, who doesn’t have to lie to gain favor with the public.

A man who traveled daily on Amtrak Trains to Washington D.C., beloved by his constituents and an absolute genius of  foreign policy, VP Biden is much more formidable than the Romney/Ryan camp cares to admit. He has a wealth of factual information at his impromptu disposal and will not hesitate to call out Lyin Ryan on his $716 Billion Dollar Medicare Lie. Biden is…

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