Add your thoughts Joe Biden, who is a real man of the people in origin and philosophy, exposed him for just what he is: a sanctimonious fraud and shameless lackey for the Plutocrats. I called it for Biden by a knockout! Yet given the ignorance of the American electorate; the soulless sophistry of paid Republican flacks and right-wing radio wags weaving a web of lies 24/7; plus their innocence of knowledge about relevant facts and the rules of evidence, who knows how the untutored mob will see… (optional)

Commentaries on the Times

                    A Deer Caught in the Headlights?

                    Reflections on the Veep Debate

Listening to the pre-debate chatter on CNN and MSNBC, there was much talk about whether Joe Biden would fare better against Congressman Paul Ryan, the vice-presidential candidate of the Grand Obstructionist Party, than President Obama did against their standard bearer, Mitt Romney, in their first debate. But as the other commentators fawned over Mitt Romney’s “performance,” Reverend Al Sharpton provided a reality check and pointed out the obvious: “All Mitt did was lie!”

Sharpton argued that it’s easy to win a debate if you are allowed to tailor our answers to suit your needs at the moment regardless of the facts.  This is especially so if nobody calls you a liar.  Hence, like this writer, Reverend Al remains unimpressed.  In our eyes Mitt just looked like a lying Low-life charlatan.   In a strictly monitored debate where…

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