Virginia’s Case of Thrown Away Voter Forms : Republican Arrested for Romney Led Voter Suppression
I hope they make an example out of this thief and get everyone connected to this criminal activity.


On Thursday night, a 31-year old Pennsylvania resident named Colin Small was arrested for destroying voter registration forms in Rockingham County, Virginia.
Smalls was employed by Pinpoint, a company that was hired to register voters for the Republican Party of Virginia.
The story is similar to that of Strategic Allied Consulting (SAC), a group that was hired in major battleground states across the country, including Virginia, to do the registration job.

SAC, owned by Republican Nathan Sproul, was fired after suspicious registration forms submitted by SAC popped up in 10 Florida counties. Sproul’s previous companies have been accused of destroying Democratic registration forms in prior elections.

Sproul’s registration companies were also hired in Ohio, another key battleground state that has seen its fair share of voter suppression. Like Florida, Ohio has a history of voting problems.
Ohio voters suffered through long lines on Election Day in 2004 and when former…

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  1. Reblogged this on 2012 Spirit In Action and commented:
    Funny how they complain about this and then do it, isn’t it? I only hope the people in America have not drowned in the endless flow of lies and paid disinformation in the news media primarily owned by the 1%. and can see what is going on. I get nervous because I run into so many who have been totally brainwashed by the propaganda and lies, but in the long run I am betting Americans are smarter than the 1% think we are, at least for the most part.

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