Presidential Debate #3 – Obama demonstrates he is clearly COMMANDER IN CHIEF!

Bill Press gives his analysis of the debate…

Two totally different men took to the stage yesterday evening in Boca Raton, FL. One is President of the United States, and the other one wants to be president. One of them knew foreign policy, while the other one didn’t have a clue. Hands down, score #3 for President Obama. He was on his home turf debating foreign policy with Mitt Romney.

Obama showed knowledge, experience and strength. Romney showed nothing but confusion. He stumbled, stuttered by rattling off the names of every country he could think of as if trying to prove he had memorized everything in his briefing book. Only he could connect Poland, Mali and Libya in one sentence and say that proved that our foreign policy in the middle east is falling apart. And on several issues with Afghanistan, Syria and Iran, for example, Mitt ended his bluster by agreeing with Obama.

So, you know what? The Presidential Debates are over and they did serve a good purpose. They conclusively showed the American people That Mitt Romney is not qualified to be president of the US, and that President Obama deserves another four years.


Your thoughts?

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