American Kabuki Post (Great News, if this is True)…”There Was No Quorum In The Creating The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and The Income Tax Reforms Act”
This may be the crack in the dam…

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Found this at American Kabuki. This is not one of my areas. But I feel it’s one of these “Apocalypses” that are coming out at a rapid pace right now. I do not know all of the details, but apparently this involves a “Title 18” class action that says,

“In a challenge to the Validity of Title 18 (Public Law 80-772), the government has now admitted that Public Law 80-772 is unconstitutional. These admissions can be used in the Class Action on Title 18 and in other federal criminal cases.”

And according to the original article posted at NesaraNews,

“THE GOVERNMENT HAS NOW CONCEDED THE CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUE OF THE INVALIDITY OF TITLE 18!!… The foundation argument made is based on “no Constitutional” passage due to a lack of a quorum. There was no quorum in the creating the Federal Reserve act of 1913 either and the Income Tax…

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