The Gloves Come Off: My Opinion Of Willard Mitt Romney

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.







I do NOT like, respect, nor believe Willard Mitt Romney. Not one bit, on any subject he opens his mouth to offer an opinion. I don’t trust Lyin UnFitt Mitt because he lies every times he breaths. I think Lyin UnFitt Mitt Romney is a greedy, racist, soulless,  selfish, elitist, evil, caucasian who is interested in himself only and nobody who does not make millions of dollars.


Lyin UnFitt Mitt has repeatedly run campaign ads that feature lies, misinformation, and blatant untrue innuendo, especially after fact-checkers have denounced the “facts” in his ads as a lie. His campaign spokesman has said the truth & fact-checkers are not going to dictate their campaign by demanding they tell the truth and use the facts.


Lyin UnFitt Mitt has continued to suppress the right of Americans, those Americans whom he believes will vote…

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