Daily Snapshot from Barack’s House
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The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.




(FEMA Headquarters, Oct. 31. AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)



The White House Schedule For Wednesday, October 31st, Twenty Twelve:


9:30 AM: The President receives the Presidential Daily Briefing.


11:30 AM: VP Biden speaks at a campaign event in Sarasota, Florida.


12:00 PM: President Obama departs the White House.


12:25  PM: The President arrives in Atlantic City and views storm damage with Governor Chris Christie.


3:00 PM: VPOTUS Biden speaks at at campaign event in Ocala, Florida.


3:15 PM: President Obama departs Atlantic City for The White House.


4:25 PM: The President  arrives back at the White House.



President Obama returns to campaigning on Thursday, November 1st, after taking 3 days off, to actually BE the President, Lyin UnFitt Mitt Romney wishes he COULD be, overseeing Hurricane Sandy response. He will be…

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