EXPLOSIVE! UAW Files Ethics Charge On Romney For Auto Loan Profits (video)

I posted an article on the lawsuit yesterday on charges being brought against Mitt Romney for ethics violations. Today, Greg Palast, the investigative reporter who exposed this case, lays it all out in a press conference. The video is below.

It is worth it to listen to all 20 minutes of the video. You will not be disappointed. My take on it is this…

I see no way out of this for Mitt. He hid his control of the business under his wife. Smoke and mirrors. He moved the corporation from the U.S. to an island in France where the money laundering went on until recently (I think Obama stopped that game or it’s in the works to stop it). 25,000+ jobs LOST. Pensions and health care GONE!! If Mitt were to be elected president, this would constitute a major conflict of interest. He should be in prison for this. His take: $15 million that we know of…it could be $115 million!!

So the only reason Mitt is running for president is the same reason Adelson and his other donors are in this game: to protect their corrupt scams and keep their butts out of prison!!!




2 thoughts on “EXPLOSIVE! UAW Files Ethics Charge On Romney For Auto Loan Profits (video)”

  1. Romney Leaks: Drugs, Blood Diamonds and a Cuban Mistress – MSM Sitting on the Story!

    The story begins at Harvard and ends in South Africa, drug money, blood diamonds, spying for Cuba and Russia, a story offered to ABC News, a story documented to Sheldon Adelson, the Koch Brothers and Harold Simmons, warning them, a warning they chose to ignore. They were told they were supporting an organized crime figure, told by unimpeachable sources.


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