Can we speak honestly about racism?


…a White House built by black slaves…


7 thoughts on “Can we speak honestly about racism?”

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    This is the bottom line where this election is concerned and it really pisses me off. I was raised in an atmosphere of what I call; “Passive Racism”. That means that while none of my immediate family would ever treat a man differently one on one or disrespect a man who treated them with respect just because his skin color was different; I spent my young life listening to an almost constant stream of racist humor and stereotypical digs at African-Americans and most other races and cultures that were not our own. This can create quite a conflict for a child and it did for me. BUT! When I was no longer a child; I stopped thinking as a child and I began forming my opinions from my own experience and common sense. Unfortunately; maturity and thinking for one’s self is not the Republican’s forte as can be easily seen by the jumping; smirking; pouting chananagans dispalyed by Lyin’ Mitt in his public appearences. In many ways; this is a contest of the adults against the spoiled, pampered children. Much like that Old School Dad; I believe the best thing to do with spoiled, misbehaving children who embarrass their parents in public; as the Republicans embarrass all real adults in America today is to spank those young welps and send them home until they grow up enough to understand that hurting peoples feelings and publically degrading them only serves to degrade one’s self; lessen the strength of one’s own arguments and cause the rest of the world to stand in amazement at the frivilous behavior we are forced to put up with here; in the most powerful, wealthy nation on Earth.
    I recently was in contact with a friend from the United Kingdom and this is what he wrote when I asked him how folks in brittain see our Presidential election:
    “Hello! You’re in luck, because US current affairs has been taking up a significant portion of media attention for some time now. Here in Britain, Obama has 90% support to Mitt Romney’s 7%, though our government has made it clear they’re on Romney’s side. I see the American political system with a combination of horror and astonishment. Our Conservative Party is bad enough, but how is it possible to have a party so consistently and openly agressive towards the lower half of society, towards women and towards the elderly as a major political force? There is a system which makes any tax rise so difficult that social justice is impossible, big business has so much undue influence (essentially buying votes in Congress) and a majority of the public lack the will to support anything better. Romney has the nerve to give lectures about what is “morally right”, about paying tax and dependency on the state when he pays ridiculously limited tax, comes from an alternative religion (which he expects to be tolerated) and advocates economic policies that could be the ruination of the country. Obama certainly has good intentions. But both political circumstance and his own centrism results on an unfortunate lack of progress. Take Obamacare: that was long overdue reform of health insurance, but only universal healthcare would do away with the injustices and human tragedies that market economics create in healthcare. That isn’t just my view; I’d say the majority of the British public would agree with my perspective. I’ll be sure to keep up with your blog and write a couple more posts on the election myself. Thanks!”
    I thought you might appreciate hearing that we are not alone in our revulsion. AMS

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    Until we can eradicate utterly stupid human behaviour that pretends one is superior to another for totally arbitrary reasons such as race, sexual preference, wealth, or ability we are not evolved ascending spiritual people. We are comfortable people lying to ourselves comfortably. It might not seems so at first glance but *privilege* hurts the privileged too-its just that what they are losing is invisible and they may never understand what was stolen from them in return for their comfortable lives.

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