Some thoughts on voting



In another blog, someone mocked those of us who vote and encourage others to do the same. My friend, ohwentsya, gave her wise and thoughtful input on why we should vote and vote responsibly. 



ohnwentsya said…

One can choose to direct ones own life or choose to be manipulated. If you know the facts, and you have a heart connection to your own truth you CAN find a path to do what is right, to make the world better and improve yourself.

The people in charge of our drones and other war making are not under the control of our President, despite assurances to the contrary. The CIA has been rogue since they helped take out a president in ’63, if not before. It’s widely known that the drones are operated by the CIA.

We KNOW the cabal/illuminati are running the show and manipulating, threatening everyone above a certain level in politics. Politics is corrupt through and through. But does that excuse us throwing our hands up and saying ‘oh woe is us!’ we can complain, we can bemoan but we can’t act?

Vote for a third a party candidate is still a vote.

Idealism is good, as far as it goes, but physically and spiritually it’s a trick to avoid responsibility and action the minute it stops you from doing your best in whatever situation actually EXISTS right NOW in the NOW MOMENT you find yourself in.

We did not come to bemoan, complain and argue philosophy. We came to raise the vibration of a planet, change the situation and make it better.

Whatever your deep inner knowing tells you is the best action, after doing the work to get a solid grounding and real connection to your own higher self/inner god etc is the best action for YOU.

For those of us trying to change the real physical world it takes a lot of participation of real physical people to get that done so one of the actions we take is to exhort others to act.

We can say all day, ‘voting doesn’t count,’ ‘marching with signs doesn’t work,’ etc. but for those of us whose lives are measurably different day to day because of those actions, the people saying it doesn’t count sound retarded.

Obama got us out of Iraq just as he said he would, and he is drawing down forces in Afghanistan for a planned removal there as well. This gives me a solid foundation to believe that he can and will use whatever power he DOES have to help us stop the drones too. He is one man, with all the cabal, all the Republicants in congress and all the “disappointed” liberals sending him hate and negativity, and either not helping or actively hindering whatever he tries to do.

Despite that he has done a lot of good. No, he did not single-handedly stop the entirety of the military industrial complex and the cabal. Geee, did any of us? DUH!

As Jesus said about he who is without sin cast the first stone, I ask you who complain about Obama, in his position with death threats hanging over him, could you do BETTER? Or even as well? I know I couldn’t withstand that pressure and get all the things he has accomplished done.

People are dying due to empire. People I KNOW PERSONALLY are among them, including me. Does that make me throw up my hands and say there is no one perfect to vote for so I won’t vote?

I’m dying, so I vote every damn chance I get, along with all the other activism, and inner work and everything else I can do so I can leave a better world for the generations that come after — just as our ancestors have done for centuries now.

Obama resists the cabal and gets some good done. Romney is one of the cabal and will not resist at all. Allowing him to steal this election will cause immeasurable harm to many many living beings.

There is no excuse to say ‘I can only do SOME good so I will do none.’

For the gay people in the military, for those with medical conditions, for the people who are being destroyed by the tar sands that the Keystone XL Pipeline  will increase if and when it is built (Obama delayed it), for all the people who won’t be blown up because Obama pulled our troops out or is pulling them out of where they live — its better.

For those things that are not better, don’t blame what Obama didn’t do … what didn’t YOU do?

Did you vote? Did you write your congresspeople and senators and call them and visit them and picket them? Did you camp out around the White House about the Keystone XL Pipeline, or for the drone protests?

If you did everything you could, and Obama did everything he could within the limits you and he both live in, then the rest is up to God and it will get done because God doesn’t have limits. And since each of us IS God, our intentions are there…and they will have effects. We just have to keep going, keep praying, working inner and outer actions toward the goals we want to see.

Enough of us have the deep inner knowing that Obama is of the Light and working as we are to make these changes that I do not doubt it. Who am I to say so many are stupid and fooling themselves about their own inner work, their own connection to their higher self/inner God self?

The people who are complaining are not basing it on deep inner connection and understanding at a different level. They are basing it on same old 3D stuff.

I have done enough research in this area to feel strongly that my 3D reasons for supporting him hold up, and since they accord with what my heart and guts are telling me I see no reason to doubt that voting for Obama will do more good than not, and less harm than not.

The fact that so many also have that inner knowing supports my feeling about it, as does the amount of money and lies and intensity that the cabal have put into taking him down.

Nobody works that hard to take out a shill of their own. They’d put up token resistance. But this has been insane and so extremely unlikely that he is working for them.

Obviously they feel their threats and manipulation may not be enough to keep him as compliant as they like.

Conservatives are too willing to hate someone for helping the poor and being the “wrong color,” and liberals have no sense of battle tactics, of how you actually take out a formidable enemy rather than theorize. It is extraordinarily frustrating to work with a team like this. Why can’t people see the simple stuff?

People told me it didn’t matter if they voted for Gore. They told me it didn’t matter that Bush stole the election. They told me it was better to vote for Nader…that principles outrank practicality.

I wish I still knew those people so I could show them the pictures my friend in Iraq posted from Fallujah Hospital. The (HUNDREDS OF) babies being born with arms out of their face, or worse, from the DU. All the people killed by drones, all the people killed in the false flag that happened the DAY the real vote count was to be released, all my friends who came home missing legs and arms or missing life. Do you think it REALLY didn’t matter?

Was that vote for Nader, or the refusal to vote, or the refusal to protest the stolen election WORTH all those lives?

I say NO, YMMV. (your mileage may vary)

. . . . . .



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