The choice is yours tomorrow

I’m hearing many so-called “enlightened” individuals saying they will not vote tomorrow. They are “undecided.” They refer to the “Dark Side” and the “Dark Ones” often in their writings, and claim the dark ones will soon be gone. 

They don’t trust Romney, but aren’t sure about Obama. I find that truly sad, almost laughable and from these educated people this tells about something evil underlying their reasoning. That’s because anyone who has followed Obama’s accomplishments and what he is about would understand he is the BEST thing going for us right now. Heck, he is possibly one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had!

These people are racists. They resent a black man in the White House with this much power. They fear losing the white privilege they have enjoyed for the past 500 years in a country their ancestors stole from the Native Americans, enslaved Africans and had them build their wealth for them. They fear a backlash from the sins of their fathers and their own racism.

What else could it be when they know what Romney’s agenda is…

Romney’s purpose is to unravel the roadblocks put in place by Obama, and put us back into desperation.

This means a world war, more prisons, looted banks, all wealth shipped overseas and the eventual descent of America into third world status, depopulated, deindustrialized and enslaved.

 For those “undecided” voters, I say to you this…

You are un-American and a traitor. You have deep psychological problems that may be imbedded in your DNA, at this point. The world has left you behind and you still fantasize a world where you are superior when there’s no truth to that. You would rather this corrupt-to-the-bone man trash this country worse than Bush, than to have the Black Man continue to get us out of the ditch and on the road to progress. Obama has proven himself from day one that he cares about ALL Americans. Look it up. But you won’t. You don’t want to know. You’re afraid you will have to look at your face and soul in the mirror. But that’s okay. Obama is going to win this reelection, and you will be on the wrong side of history.

As you toss and turn tomorrow night and in the future, remind us again how “enlightened” you are. If you decide to change your mind and muster up some courage…


Your thoughts?

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