The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment, November 5, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Disseminating Moon Phase  – Moon in Cancer/Leo

The rocky cliffs are alive with the sound of Sophia!  (Our personal energetic fields are being tuned to resonate with her and we are integrating the fact that we are always sustained by her.  This is accomplished through harmonics, and is reflected in astrology.)

We are in the last two days of the window of time that I said was going to be challenging.  These days are going out with fireworks, primarily because Mercury will station retrograde tomorrow, but the effects of this begin today.  Events today are going to foreshadow what will transpire over the 21 days when Mercury will be retrograde (now through November 27th).  I will first go over why this is going to be an intense retrograde period and then I will go over the ultimate outcome of it, which is awesome.  The story has a happy ending, so bear with me.

The purpose of pointing out the challenging aspects that accompany the retrograde is to assist navigation of it.  By being aware of what is happening, we can maintain sanity and hold strong energetic fields when it is hard for others to do so.  For those who follow a little bit of astrology, the Mercury retrograde opposes the Black Moon, squares Neptune and Chiron, sextiles Venus, and trines Uranus.  That is a hell of a lot of aspects!  And they aren’t easy.  Mercury retrograde always affects interpersonal communications, but the aspects to Venus and the Black Moon enhance it exponentially.  Similarly, Mercury retrograde always affects electronic devices, but the aspect to Uranus enhances that exponentially.  The square to Neptune and Chiron means our poor, dear early Pisces people that we’ve been trying to take care of now have the company of the early degree Sagittarians and Geminis.  Of the mutable Sun signs, only the Virgos get a pass with this retrograde.  Pisces, Sagittarians, Geminis, and Scorpios (or anyone with a lot of Scorpio energy) are the ones who are going to feel this the most.  This also means that their missions are greater because they will be doing a lot of work in service of the Sophia’s planetary vision.  Remember we are healing the collective of humanity by healing ourselves and raising our vibrations to be in constant communication and participation with her and her plan.

But today and tomorrow it is essential that all of us be careful and gentle with our words!  Be kind!  Things are going to get ugly and people are going to act ugly.  Soften your energy as much as you can.  It helps to slow down and take your time.  The energy is fast and will carry you downstream before you know it, so stay grounded and “be” the rocky cliff.  You’ll know the energy by the impulsivity and quickness that people exhibit.  Do not rush into any type of commitment.  In fact, new action is not favored.  And by all means, don’t buy anything electronic if you can help it until Mercury stations direct on the 27th.  During this time we are going to hold the field because people are going to be blasted out of it.  Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio and amp up the Saturn in Scorpio energy we’ve been adjusting too.  It’s a crazy train.

Now for the happy ending.  This energy will actually repair communications and relationships, especially those that were affected by last summer’s Turning Point (new readers can see the July-August archives).  Also, the Sabian symbol for the degree of Mercury’s retrograde is “an old owl up in a tree.”  For most of the retrograde we will utilize our “wise owl in the tree peering out” technique, but for today and tomorrow we are the rocky cliff.  The retrograde will be very healing, particularly for the signs mentioned above.  Sophia is going to work at deep levels to bring us into closer communication and resonance with her.  The show is on and we are directly engaged in lead roles in the drama.  The “speed” or “pace” of the energy will provide inertia for not only her personal navigation, but also ours.  The “spin” will empower vortices for healing (the “gates” or “power points” we worked with during our group meditation).  More on that as we go along.

For today, slow down and remember to watch your words!  It would also be a good idea to set an intention to maintain a grounded connection with Sophia over the next 21 days.  Mercury retrograde with a Uranus aspect equals “ground the connection” – just like grounding an electrical outlet.

The Oracle Report

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