One voice changed the world: Fired Up Ready to Go!
I watched last night as Michelle Obama gave her wonderful speech introducing her husband. I was moved by it. But when Obama began speaking and I felt the emotions coming through from him and saw that tear he tried to hold back, I lost it. I lost it because this is the GREATEST PRESIDENT, especially during this time. Especially because of the obstruction he met in a racist society that has been seething since Lincoln freed the slaves. I cried because he made great advancements and accomplishments IN SPITE OF those enormous barriers thrown in his path. No other American president has had to endure this, the racism, disrespect and total obstruction.
I’m not alone. Apparently millions across the nation know what I know and are voting for Obama in spite of voter suppression by racist, right wing governors and election officials in FL, OH and in pockets around the country. But God doesn’t like ugly and those who block this great man, those with hate and bigotry in their hearts will pay dearly for this. In the meantime, I expect victory for Obama and for America today!!

The Militant Negro™

By Jueseppi B.







The Story of “Fired up! Ready to go!” – Obama for America 2012


Published on Apr 4, 2012

Are you in?

Edith S. Childs is the one that got Barack Obama fired up.

While attending a small campaign event in Greenwood, South Carolina, then-Senator Obama first heard the chant “Fired up! Ready to Go!”.

As then-Senator Obama shared in his pre-election night speech in Virginia:

“After a minute or so I’m feeling kind of fired up. I’m feeling like I’m ready to go! So I joined in the chant. And it feels good.

And for the rest of the day, even after we left Greenwood, I’d see my staff and I’d say,

‘Are you fired up?’

They’d say ‘We’re fired up boss. Are you ready to go?’

I’d say, ‘I’m ready to…

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