Here is to the long ride…. And the sunny slopes!

Written by my friend, Sarah…

Today reminds me of a favored saying.

I remember it from when my little sister and I would wake up early, to our parents still sleeping. We would sneak downstairs, grab a bag of Doritos and sit down to watch a VHS of Lonesome Dove with our dog Gus.

In one scene, Texas Ranger Augustus McCrae says, “Well darling, here’s to the long ride and the sunny slopes.”

Yesterday I told you about the flurry in the bridal room on my wedding day. I spoke of certainty, which is important.

Today, with the votes counted… I would like to talk not about something important.

I want to talk about what is MOST important.
It is not love, though love matters.
It is not hope, though hope rules most things.
What stands above all else, is Tomorrow.

The future.
What we do and where we go next.
With love, in hope, and through my own Dorito orange nostalgia, I share with you another moment…this from my wedding day.

The cake was cut. The friends and family were full and happy, and sleepy. I was struggling to hold on to those last moments of that special day with everyone I love and I heard my father asking for attention.

He made a beautiful toast.

He ended with, “Here’s to the long ride and the sunny slopes.” 

At that moment I realized that when I chose my husband, I did more than choose a man.

I chose a journey. I chose a tomorrow. 

Last night, we Americans chose more than a leader. We chose a journey. We chose our tomorrow. 

And so, my readers, do you see where I have taken you?

I have taken you to a particular moment… 
I have gotten your attention and now that I have it – 
I propose a toast. 
To Barack Obama, To America, and to their joyous journey together. I raise my glass to you, to me, to US!
Here is to the long ride…. And the sunny slopes!
~ Sarah

Your thoughts?

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