Romney wants to work in the Obama Administration?

I heard Romney said he’s “willing to work in Obama’s administration.” I strongly am against that. To show that Obama has no hard feelings toward Romney over the lies, disrespect and the possibility of taking this nation into a worse hell hole than Bush did, I suggest Obama do this:

Does the White House have a zoo? If not, we should have one. Let Romney clean up the Silverback Gorilla quarters and outdoor habitat. Salary: $8 per hour, no benefits, no credit card, no security, two 15 minute breaks, 30 minutes for lunch, no pension… He MUST wear a uniform with POTUS’ picture covering the entire back of the jumpsuit (pink would be the preferred color as the Silverbacks find that color most soothing)…and MUST salute the President every time the motorcade drives by or POTUS is within eyesight. That’s about as far as I would trust him. Bad behavior should never be rewarded, especially from a habitual liar!


2 thoughts on “Romney wants to work in the Obama Administration?”

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