My vegetable garden – summer 2012

My vegetable garden started out of necessity. My health failed me and I learned that non-GMO, pesticide-free organic vegetables is the way to go. My gardening journey began about 5 years ago and each year my health and the garden gets better.

July 2012 harvest of cucumbers, tomatoes and basil. The cucumbers grew as large as 18″! They were flavorful. The tomatoes grew through October and we had them almost every day. The basil survived until frost.Β 



Swiss Chard grows all year long and this green is now in its 2nd year! Once it finds a place it likes, it keeps reseeding right in place. Talk about nutritious! If you grow only one salad green, this is it. It can also be sauteed with garlic and onions for a fantastic side dish. We enjoy Swiss Chard about 3 times a week.

Cilantro grows easily and goes great in salad, vegetable and egg recipes, and Mexican dishes. With pollution in the air and toxins all around, Cilantro binds metals and toxins in the body and eliminates them, protecting the system from cancer and other disease.Β 



The tomatoes went crazy this year. Juicy, tasty, I grew three pots so I would have tomatoes every day. I give away excess vegetables to my neighbor who exchanges her fruit with me. We’ve got it going on! πŸ™‚



Tomatoes, beets, onions and bell pepper. There’s nothing like walking out to your garden and picking your meal. Eating fresh cut/picked vegetables and fruits provides the maximum amount of nutrition. Each day after it is picked, it loses nutrients.Β 



Cucumbers, Romaine Lettuce and Cilantro is grown in a covered Grow Camp, which protects from squirrels, bugs and flying pests.Β 




The corn was tasty this year. We figured out that we had to protect it from crows, squirrels and pests. Did you know that the tassels at the tops are males and you have to shake the dust from them to mate with the females to grow corn? We figured that out too, lol!Β 




Most times, we ate the corn raw. Absolutely delicious!







Marigolds are interspersed around the garden vegetables to keep away pests. They also give up lots of color for the yard.








Rosemary is grown around the yard to keep pests away. But more important, it keeps arthritis at bay for me. It serves as a sleep aid and has many more therapeutic healing properties.



Sweet Basil like so many other items shown here is easy to grow. This herb sits next to the tomato plants and keeps the tomato worms out. I cook with it almost every day and the fragrance is awesome!


One thought on “My vegetable garden – summer 2012”

  1. I live in the California desert. This summer the temps were cooler and topped at 121 degrees, usually they top at 130. If I can grow in the scorching desert, a garden can be grown almost anywhere. I would imagine freezing climates would have to grow indoors. But it can be done.

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