Good news. I hope the trend continues. Hopefully, these workers can find jobs through Obama’s Jobs Program. Workers need to be trained in alternative energy jobs.


Peabody Energy announced yesterday that it was closing its Willow Lake coal mine, a facility that employed around 400 people in southern Illinois. Earlier this month, one of those employees was killed by a piece of mining equipment, a factor cited in the closure. But the reason coal companies like Peabody are shutting down mines and declaring bankruptcy is simpler: economics.

I wrote a piece earlier this week at that is sort of a beginner’s guide to why coal is doomed over the long term. It is called “Coal Is Doomed,” just to get the point across. The argument, in short: Coal is both unhealthy (over the short and long term) and getting less cheap compared to natural gas and renewables. To be even passably healthy, use of coal needs to get more expensive. Even the industry acknowledges the need to be cleaner. And that’s the game. (The…

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