Joy, Happiness and Caring all year long!

I was out doing my once a month shopping and walking up and down the aisles of my favorite, local health food store. Out of nowhere comes this tall, cheery man stopping in front of me to say, “I hope you’re having a wonderful day!”

He said it very loud and as if he truly wanted me to have a great day. I could feel the warmth covering my face going down through my heart and extending throughout my body from the genuine love I sensed from this stranger.

“Thank you! I hope you are enjoying your day too,” I said.

He shot back, “Every day I am alive and see people like you I have a great day!” He moved on and said something to another shopper.

I stopped a grocery worker and mentioned the man and his wonderful cheer for the season. The worker said, “Oh, he comes in here several times a week. He must live nearby. He’s like that every time he comes in, all year long. He’s a very happy man.”

Some people might think this man is crazy.

I know better. I saw an angel today.

~ Marion


5 thoughts on “Joy, Happiness and Caring all year long!”

    1. Thank you, Mark. I could just as easily named my blog “angry woman” or something to that effect. I started out with rose colored glasses, only to find the stark reality is a nightmare for nice, decent folks like us. Over the years, I have battled to see the beauty, hope and possibilities around us. I know they are there. It is only by keeping our eyes “wide open” yet keeping hope alive that we can see the beauty. It takes letting go of the hurt, abuse and blame over the years. Not an easy task. It doesn’t mean letting the monsters get away with anything. It just means not allowing them to touch our core inside so we don’t become jaded by them. Okay, I’m off my bandwagon. Hugs, my friend!

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