Romney loss: Big bucks, but less bang

Romney's campaign team
Romney’s campaign team

The GOP loves money but uses people. It should be the reverse…love PEOPLE, use money. Humanity cannot survive with those values.

I read this morning that Romney spent outrageous sums of money on his campaign staff. He even hired his son as a financial consultant and paid him something like $24 million! Some of his staff will never have to work another day in their lives from what Romney paid them, which is highly questionable what they did for him. His people were in it for the money. I doubt he had much loyalty. He also hired consultants from businesses he and cronies owned, forming incestuous ties.

Obama ran a tighter, leaner, cleaner and loyal operation where the people gave their all to the candidate…and it was a tremendous success…proving you can’t buy love.

They call themselves the party of “fiscal responsibility.” They are anything but that.

This reminds me of the classic Beatles’ song, “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Read the article here, “Romney loss: Big bucks, but less bang.”



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