12.12.12 – The Time Has Come!

12.12.12 is here!

So many have questioned and feared the arrival of this day. Some think it’s the end of the world. I think it ‘s the end of the world as we know it, and that’s a good thing. Because of the planetary rotations and the electromagnetic fields that are changing, the energy has changed to open us up to unconditional LOVE, PEACE across the world and HAPPINESS / JOY as an outcome. The image shown here represents that unconditional love.

John Smallman…

Many have talked of the End Times approaching, but you are really approaching the Beginning Times as a new age of peace, harmony, and abundance for all humanity comes into view. The satisfaction and contentment that you will experience, as all that could frighten, worry, or cause you any kind of suffering just dissolves, leaving absolutely no trace to disturb your constant state of sublime peace, is definitely something to which you can look forward. A New Age, for which you have been yearning, is about to dawn.

As the short period remaining before you winds down, it would be good to address any issues that you may have been avoiding, or perhaps considered too insignificant to concern yourselves with. However, anything that would fall into the category of holding a grudge, a derogatory judgment of another, or something unforgiven, no matter how small or inconsequential it seems, does need to be released. If you can remember it, then it needs to be released. Everyone has things that have been totally forgotten that could have been released, but if they are truly forgotten they are as good as already released and forgiven. It is just the small niggling things, which are occasionally retained because they give a person a sense of satisfaction, of being right, that now need to be released to clear your energy fields – that person who queue-barged, pinched your parking-spot, made an unwarranted and unkind remark – small seemingly insignificant momentary occurrences that you still remember. Let them go.

In a sense, 12.12.12 is more important than 12.21.12, the day when these planetary changes are firmly established and we are all awake to the new vibrations. If you don’t feel lighter, more energetic and joyful right away, don’t worry about it…you will as the days unfold.

Today on 12.12.12, many around the world will be uniting in two global meditations to uplift humanity and bring about a positive shift as we enter a new age. Feel free to join with us for a relaxing, easy meditation at 9:30 pm EST.

The Master Shift

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