Cherish the Children

These images mean a lot to me as I recall reading stories to my children over 40 years ago. I lived in Los Angeles, CA at the time where gangs and gun violence was common. I recall coming home one day from work and SWAT had blocked off my street because a gunman was holed up in my next door neighbor’s home and they needed to get him out. That was 1973. I left Los Angeles in 1983 and have never looked back. But it seems there is nowhere safe in this country anymore.

Our children deserve a safe place to live. Young black men deserve a safe place to live. Citizens of America deserve a safe place to live.

Via The Obama Diary

First Lady Michelle Obama reads a Christmas story as her dog Bo sits on her lap and 5-year-old AJ Murray (L), and 5-year-old Jordyn Akyoko sit nearby at Children’s National Medical Center on December 14.




5 thoughts on “Cherish the Children”

  1. Thank you so much for the credit Cadesertvoice, I really appreciate decent and honest bloggers. Such painfully sad days for America, wishing you and yours love and safety. Thank you again.

    1. You’re welcome, Chipsticks. Yes, these are definitely sad days for us. I am aware you do not appreciate reblogging from your site, so I shared the information in this manner. However, I have no problem reblogging from others and will continue to do so. I guess that makes me indecent and dishonest too? I think not. If WordPress allows it, who am I stop the practice. I am actually honored when someone reblogs my posts. It has also helped me get exposure since I am just getting started with this delightful venture. Might I suggest you create a blog away from WordPress where you can control your blog? Wishing you and yours love and safety too.

  2. Hi Cadesertvoice, I honestly have no problem ** at all ** with reblogging from genuine bloggers like you, we are all in this together. But some of us female bloggers have chosen to stand up to the ugliness, abuse and bullying we have experienced from another blogger, that is why we have taken measures to stop reblogging, purely because of him. I hate doing it, because I want to share everything at my blog to promote our common cause, but I won’t give in to abuse, ever. I hope you understand. I wish you all the very best with your wonderful blog, you are welcome to use anything from mine that you like. Take care, and best wishes.

  3. “Might I suggest you create a blog away from WordPress where you can control your blog?”

    Sorry, missed that suggestion. No, I won’t be bullied off WordPress! It’s where most of my pro-President Obama friends blog. I’ll just carry on blogging in his support, and fighting the haters!

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