How to handle your feelings about the Sandy Hook Shooting

From the age of four, which is as far back as I can recall, my life has been one crisis after another. With the past still haunting me well into adulthood, being a sensitive empath didn’t help. To this day, I FEEL almost everyone’s pain. While I have done much work to protect my mind, body and spirit from the shockers that still come in life, the news of the 20 small children shot down in Friday’s Newtown CT massacre had me reeling. As with many of you, it was horrific and painful, but I managed to pull through it faster because of tools I use to snap back from a dark hole.

Via article:

“There is no right or wrong way to feel when it comes to tragedy. And we all experience it in our own way, at differing degrees. But there are tools that can greatly guide you through your emotions and help you find power in a powerless situation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and deeply emotional about the shooting in Newtown, these tools can help.”






Your thoughts?

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